Friday, August 20, 2004

Everyone needs to throw their hands in the air and shout "hooray!!"
Today was my last day at the greenhouse and I woke up 8 min before I was supposed to be there. It was an odd day, but a good day... As I was racing down the country roads to work, I watched one of the most amazing sunrises I've seen all summer, it was pink and red stretched out across the sky... the kind of beauty no picture could ever capture no matter how many different angles I'd try. mmm... anyhow, I counted my minute through the morning... and my boss bought us doughnuts for my last day... (w00t) On my way back home,
(I take this one dirt road that is almost completely surrounded by trees and brush and it has a few curves in it) I saw a ground hog skuttle across the road, then there were two fawns right in the middle of the road (almost hit one of them... eep) and then a chipmunk ran across my path... So I ended work at the greenhouse on a positive note, and it looks as if I may end my job at the youth centre in a good way too. We head out for camp Monday morning, not only are we taking a fantastic group of teens, but we also have some great things planned, so I think it'll be nice to end my job with YFC just having fun...

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Well it seemed almost surreal, a night out with the girls... I have a few girlfriends that I've known since I was a little tyke, we took ballet lessons together, with little leotards and dancing slippers. I didn't exactly 'grow up' with them, but became pretty tight in High School, and are the best friends a girl could ask for....
Anyhow I fly back out to Saskatchewan two weeks today, and I am taking a group of teens to a camp for a week of that, sooo I got together with my dear girlie friends to see a movie for one last time. With car cruising tunes, some channel flipping, and a heck of a lot of off tune singing, we headed out to see the worst movie I think I might have ever seen, Princess Diaries 2 (don't pay money to see it... in fact I would advise you not to see it even if you were paid money), although we all agreed... the dresses are pretty. We ate pizza, drank pop, and snacked on chocolate (the traditional girl get together meal) and to top the night off we had a dance party in Laura's car to songs we used to sing in highschool, and also to a few new hits.
I can't help but to be slightly sentimental as we spend a few more moments together, fully knowing this will be the last summer we are probably anywhere near one another... Can't help to think about how massive Grandma and Grandpa's farm used to seem when I was a heck of a lot shorter and can't help my heart sinking just a little as I look at the emptied shelves of my room. I'm very ready to leave this place, God tugs at my heart to leave it behind and follow Him into an uncertain future.
I don't wish for any of those days back, don't desire to turn back time, though there are things I wish I could have done differently. But still I can't help looking around this place and let out a little sigh for all the memories that were made here. And I can't help but to be who I am today. I can't help but to say a little prayer for the woman she is becoming, hoping she'll always look foward to tomorrowwonder at those memories, wonder at the girl who used to live here, and wonder at how she came to be who I am today. I can't help but to say a little prayer for the woman she is becoming, hoping she'll always look foward to tomorrow.

Monday, August 16, 2004

My most beloved (ex)roomate, Char, is going off to Taiwan!! I'm incredibly excited for her and can't wait to hear about her adventures there... and she's starting a blog so she can write all about it. For the rest of you who are also excited to hear about what's she going to be up to while shes in the Orient, I'm going to put the link to her blog under my friends links. Enjoy!

Monday, August 09, 2004

Hello Everybody...

It's been awhile, and I don't imagine too many people are keeping up with blogs over the summer but... I wanted to put up a post asking for prayer. Eric and I are in a rather rough spot in our relationship, and I really need you all to pray for us. For one to work it out if it is at all possible, we still both love each other, but he is having doubts about whether it's working, and we are both having problems understanding each other... but also please pray that God would carry us both through this, whether it works out or not and that God would help me to just be me depsite the pain I'm feeling right now. I know that God is a big God, I know he cares about every little thing, I know he's got a great plan for my life, whatever that plan is, but at the moment life looks a little dreary. I would be deeply indebted to y'all if you could pray for that, and don't hesitate to give me feedback on the comment button.