Friday, June 17, 2011

(Continuing to share unfinished thoughts)
royal wedding day by woofwoof1996

enjoy it for what it is

After watching bits of the Royal wedding on both Canadian and American stations, it seemed as though the difference between Americans and Canadians-or Americans and the rest of the world-is that they can`t just enjoy something for what it is, they have to have it too.
It is the negative side of the American dream. people getting married in between footage of the wedding. The commentary goes immediately to how the wedding makes the commentator feel. The shows surrounding the footage, such as "Say yes to the dress" where girls find the dress for their own "Royal Wedding". And although there are many people who just want to drink tea, eat crumpets and revel in unique moment, there are also many of us who have difficulty accepting that we are not all Kings and Queens. Instead of being satisfied with celebrating with a cup of Earl Grey they try to find ways to share the spotlight. Granted Canadians do not escape the "American Dream" mindset, the only real difference is that Canada doesn't have a TLC channel of their own. We too fall susceptible to the trap of wanting it all.
The reason why this is such a big event is precisely because we are not. My sister was born on Valentine's Day and all through my childhood I agonized that she got lots of heart themed gifts on her birthday (however if you buy me something heart themed or shaped now I will be less than excited). I had a hard time accepting that I was not special in the same way my sister was. On a larger scale society has become like the jealous sibling who doesn't like that they don't have the same things their brother or sister do. It reminds me of the award ceremonies that celebrate everybody... It's one thing to be Daddy's little princess, but can't we let a real princess actually have her day without needing to crowd in the spotlight?

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

what else is there by finvara

Sometimes I write and don't have time to finish my thought, so leave what I have written in blogger limbo, aka. a draft. More and more lately I have felt unsatisfied with the things that I have written, often struck with the notion that it is not worthy to be read or think that it is written in a feeling of the moment and tomorrow will no longer be true. The dissatisfaction with the things that I have written begins a spiral where either I write and don't like it, or don't write because I haven't liked what I've written. Perhaps I can break the spiral by posting even the incomplete and thoughts of a moment. The incomplete may be more likely to be completed if brought out from the dusty archives to see the light of day and the thoughts of a moment may yet have lasting truth if it can be mulled over in our minds. So here we go.

I think I am too emotional to work with people who cannot submit to reason.
Too personal to struggle with those who refuse to listen and think.
It is strange to think of an emotional connection with the power of reason. We often talk about them separately, as distinctive a difference as characters like Vulcans to teenage girls. Often in media we see this separation of heart and mind in the characters who play out the human drama. In fact it is spelt out for us that the struggle to balance between the two is the definition of what it means to be human. Sometimes I would like to think that it is due to an inability in our artists, authors and playwrights to capture a character who can capture the delicate balance between the two as so often the characters lean one way and/or then the other. However, they have unfortunately captured humanity only too well since we have not yet learned to use the two simultaneously.