Friday, October 29, 2004

ok so, my attempts at getting you people talk in my last post failed... that or Char is the only person who reads my blog (which is highly likely). Anyhow, on a more entertaining note, I'm now going to post some pictures... no interaction, you don't need to tell me your thoughts, just you enjoying whatever the heck I feel like exposing you to... (really, I'm not bitter). I do have some posts coming of a more thoughtful nature, I just haven't had a chance to sit down and type them up. So in the meantime, and I really do hope you enjoy these, here are some pictures from life in Caronport (ooh including a pic of me with dreads so y'all can see how it looks... though I think anyone who reads this already has seen it... oh well)

on that note we'll start with that picture...

and if you don't already know what Saskatchewan looks like, here's a little taste of the vast flatness

ok these next few are from various photo safari's my friend Drew and I have gone on, it fun times, and there is actually a number of really cool spots for taking pictures around here.
At the old hanger (Caronport used to be a military air base...)

an artsy photo of the staple food of Free Brygmann

It's me, looking. Looking cute that is...

And the final entry in this oh so fabulous photo extravaganza.... Drew!

that is all for now... until next time kiddies, keep your ears clean and your eyes open.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Our society's individualistic tendecies makes any attempt of breaking a self centered mindset incredibly difficult...


Thursday, October 14, 2004

ok I know I'm slacking in the area of posting (though I did just create a poetry blog-- that does count for something right?) Alright, so life right now is blissfully difficult.

yes I said blissfully difficult, but what about me isn't some strange paradox?
God is pulling me through a difficult time, he's shaping me, breaking and tearing down, and filling me full of His love. Heh... to put it poetically, I am feeling wearied by the birthing pains of a new stage in my life.
I had always likened my spiritual transformation to that of a butterfly (if anyone reading this had been to my baptismal, they might remember this... Vee... I think you're the only one that might apply to... and possibly Mark... righto anyhow) I won't go into too much depth about it, (I can regale the tale, if you would really like me to though) but I could see stages of my life were like moving from a caterpillar into a cocoon, and then emerging into the world as a butterfly, God's butterfly. The cocoon stage was a period of pain and while I was in it I was utterly confused; I didn't realize God was bringing me to the point of being born into something new. Well, I didn't know that a butterfly could go through a cocoon stage more than once, but it appears that God has brought me to a point where he is doing some amazing transformation. Though at this point I feel really confused and feel a lot of pain, and though last time I couldn't see that the cocoon stage would bring me to becoming something new, I can see that God is shaping my life for His purposes.

Anyhow I want to tell you all about how God is amazingly faithful in even little ways... yesterday I was on my way to the library and decided to stop in and pray in the chapel. I was feeling slightly crappy, and right before I left I asked God if He could please send someone to give me a hug, cause I really needed one. Maybe an hour or two later, a girl I know saw me in the library, she not only ran over and gave me one hug, but gave me two hugs, kissed me on the head, told me I was beautiful, gave me another hug, we talked about how life was going, she told me that God had me in His big strong hands, that I was a beautful person, and gave me another two hugs.

God is really cool.

And I also want to note something that I noticed yesterday... I called home and was talking with my mom, I ended up pouring out my heart to her about my struggles, and the things that were causing me pain. I also told her about the amazing things that God was doing through it all... Over the past 3 summers I had been going back to Ontario for the summer, I felt the tug to go there and serve the people who loved me so very deeply, my parents, my family, friends, and, of course, my church family. I so desprately wanted to open up to my family about God's involvement in my life ( I should note, my family are Christians, but coversation of spiritual matter usually don't come up) Anyhow, I did have some opportunity over the years. At the end of this summer, I felt it was truly time to go, to let go of the ties I kept there, and cleared out all of my belongings. It was time to give all of my heart and life to God and take it all back here. I've noticed I've been able to express, to find opportunity to talk about, God's involvement in my life in the last couple weeks than I usually have in the span of the summer months... Hopefully I'll be able to continue as such, I want to tell my parents more, have a relationship with them that reaches down deeper.... mmm well... time to run off into the dishpit... luckily everythings in working order right now... i think...

Monday, October 04, 2004

I've got fantastic news!
I've finally gotten the poetry blog up and running, so kiddies hurry on over to the link there (tell me no lies... under literary links) and check it out. There's not much (note I say much, not nothing) there, at least not yet, but if you send me some poems, we can solve that problem!!