Sunday, August 07, 2011


Faye and Spike from Cowboy Bebop


Nolan and I have been discussing how close together we should have our kids, or discussing again now that we have involuntarily  begun, and Nolan told me that he's hoping for a girl next. When he told me this I looked at him curiously, but before I could formulate any theories he explained that then the pressure is off.
I didn't look at him any less curiously... Apparently, since we already have a boy, if we had a girl next the gender score would be even. So if and when it came to considering a third we are free of the pressure to fill a void that may exist on our list of genders to have. Got to at least have one of everything. Teasing aside, it's a valid point.
So if we were to have a girl next I'd have to work a little harder at finding some options as to names. I noticed the last time around I had particular difficulty with finding anything I liked. Sure there are names that if I know someone by that name I'm not going to like you less because I wouldn't want to grace my child with that name. Although if you are a terrible person you may well have ruined some good names before it was time to consider them. I have always liked Eva, but for the life of me couldn't find a middle name I would allow to be paired with it. I'm kind of particular like that. The names have to flow together. Even if no one ever says their full name I want to know that if my child is ever faced with a situation where he does it won't sound ridiculous. Granted my child may still hate their name, like other children before have hated theirs, but they will have to admit that at the very least it has a good flow to it.
And now I've set a middle name precedent. The first one's got one, I can't not give the next one one. Otherwise someday I'll be buying her a pony out of guilt for not looking hard enough for a middle name we could all live with. I can't find a name in those name databases or books. Besides that 50% of those names haven't been used since the middle ages (although Bathilda does have a nice ring to it) If the name has no context or meaning to me it just falls flat. I'm not one of those people who pick a name solely based on it's meaning (Bathilda once again makes the exception with "Commanding battle maiden") but, nor do I feel the need to name my children after acquaintances, authors, cab drivers who have made a monumental difference in my life. I'm just can't pick a name out of a list never having heard (or read) it used before.
One name combination that continuously pops into my head is Faye Valentine, it borders on the line of possible and your relatives having an intervention on behalf of your unborn child. An additional difficulty is I already have to explain to my son that we named him after a fictitious assassin and that by no means we condone killing others a viable occupation. If I name a girl Faye Valentine then I'd have to explain that I named her after a lying, cheating, slothful gambler. Because with a name like that you know someday she's going to ask.
We're creating a great legacy for the Giesbrecht line.